whats in a name?

     To me, chasing blue feathers means to make your own luck; chasing your dreams while still using your head. I once read or heard that birds with blue plumage were equated with good fortune. Personally, Great Blue Herons have always been my "lucky" birds, mainly because I thought it was so intersting that they lived in this area year- round. Although there are numerous creeks, streams, ponds, et c. in this area, it is quite cold in the winter time. I always associated cold weather with water fowl flying South, yet these birds always remained. Another thing that I admire about them is the fact that even though they look somewhat lanky and uncoordinated, they are beautiful both in flight and while wading.
     Anywho, I just thought that I would share why I named my blog Chasing Blue Feathers and why a Great Blue Heron is my blog mascot. Hope I satisfied everyone's burning curiousity :)