Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hard Candy cosmetics hit the sweet spot

These are some of HC's retired products- in several other reviews I've noticed people complaining about how the new packaging is "too young," but in my opinion the retired packaging looks even younger (like for kids.)

Hard Candy is a cosmetics brand that used to be sold at stores like Sephora, so my interest was piqued when I saw it at Walmart a while back. However, I'm not usually drawn to super bright colors and much glitter, so I skipped over it until a few weeks ago. I was fairly impressed with most of what I purchased.

Sheer Envy Primer
The most dissapointing of the bunch was the Sheer Envy primer, and it wasn't horrible. I haven't been using it as a face primer (which is how it is discribed), but as an eyeshadow primer/ base.
Pros: This product is super easy to apply; I have just been using my finger, but I would say it's possible to apply it with a concealer brush as well. Also, because of the consistancy, its easy to work into your skin (just be careful to not use too much, because then it will feel greasy.) This product has such a unique, silky texture and creates a great surface for eyeshadow application.
Cons: After about a week the product starts to separate into liquid and chunks of gel. A vigorous shake is all it takes to fix this, but it's still annoying (especially when you forget to shake it!) It doesn't have a ton of staying power. After a few hours the eyeshadow color is still vibrant, but there is some creasing.
Stars: 3/5
Would I buy again?: If nothing better comes along. I'm planning on giving this to my little sister after my NYX eyeshadow base comes in the mail.

Blush Crush in Living Doll
I've been trying to incorporate different blushes into my make up "wardrobe", so I  purchased the Blush Crush in Living Doll. My first impression of it was that it was a darling pink that wouldn't look too severe. It has little veins of a pale gold running through it and also has a nice shimmer to it. The shimmer is quite soft, so unless you really pile it on, it doesn't look childish. The label says that it has been baked for 8 hours.
Pros: The color is lovely and really does invoke thoughts of a doll. Shimmer doesn't even descibe the glow this blush gives your cheeks.
Cons: If I use blotting paper, this blush usually comes off with it, at least partially :(
Stars: 4/5
Would I buy again?: More than likely. I want to try more colors, but the local Walmarts are usually out of everything but like the dark brown. And I don't want dark brown blush.

So Baked Bronzer in Tiki
Like the blush, the So Baked bronzer has been baked for 8 hours. It also has veins of pale gold. I bought this product because it looked like just the thing to add a touch of shimmer when I'm wearing a matte blush. It is a beautiful pearlized light tan called Tiki that would probably be flattering on any skintone, even light ones.
Pros: Like the blush, the glow that this gives your skin is just out of this world. It is just too pretty.
Cons: None.
Stars: 5/5
Would I buy again?: Definitely.

Welcome Matte Mattifying Pressed Powder
I had been wearing Physican's Formula powders, but I think that this product has me converted! The Welcome Matte mattifying powder is amazing. It comes in a compact that is practically identical to PF's, and even has the little compartment underneath the powder with a mirror and applicator.
Pros: I do have oily skin, but this product helps with that problem so much. It sets foundation beautifully and I've noticed that my skin doesn't look as oily at the end of the day and that it takes oil that does show longer to become noticable. The applicator included with the packaging is a pink heart- shaped peice of foam that is helpful for building coverage over a small area, but I recommend using a brush when applying to the entire face or a larger area.
Cons: None.
Stars: 5/5
Would I buy again?: Definitely.

On the right is a swatch of Living Doll & on the left is Tiki.

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  1. Would the bronzer be nice on medium skin tone- like warm beige skin tone people?