Friday, March 30, 2012

sheer spring mani

     Hello everyone! I don't usually post my manicures simply because I kinda suck at painting my own nails :/ But, this last time I did a pretty darned good job! I actually got all of the polish on my nails and NOT on my fingers! The colors didn't work out quite the way I was hoping, but it is still a cute, light, spring-time type of look. To be honest, I was wanting the grey-taupe shade to be alot less sheer and alot more edgy. Can't always have everything, though, I guess! 

My hand looks kinda awkward trying to hold both of these :/ 

     For my base and top coats I use Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat. On most of my nails is two coats of Gray's Anatomy from Wet'n'Wild. I was very dissapointed with the color payoff- I guess it being a "fastdry" polish is responsible for the sheerness, because this polish is sooo thin. I only used two coats because when I do more, no matter what the polish, the result is usually a thick goopy pile on my nail that takes forever to dry an I did not feel like dealing with that. The color is so lovely in the bottle, and sheerness aside, it is still pretty on- just not what you might expect. On the plus side, this polish did dry quickly! On the last day I wore this polish, I decided to see how many coats it would take to make it completely opaque; on my thumb it took two more coats, but on my index finger it took three more until you couldn't see the white tip of my nail underneath, bringing the total number of coats to opaqueness to 5. On my ring finger is two coats of Sally Hanson's Diamond Strength Brilliant Blush. Now, this one I expected to be alittle on the sheerer side (I've used it before on a full mani and it's such a cute color!) It is a pinky- pearlescent white that literally glows. I hate to say it, but even in its two coats it was more opaque than the Wet'n'Wild. I will just have not not buy any more of the fastdry colors, because the regular line of Wet'n'Wild polishes are great, IMO.

Loki says "Hi, hope you enjoyed the post!" 


  1. I have that WnW polish and couldn't agree more.... Very sheer. If I do want an opaque taupey color, I wear a darker base coat then put a few layers of Grays Anatomy. I make a mess when painting my nails too ;) Loki is way too cute!

    1. I have a darker taupe and a deep purple from Sally Hanson, and I might just try that, that's for the tip!
      And thanks, he is a mess :)