Monday, March 5, 2012

quick & casual

     Hi, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was good  but fairly uneventful. This week should be interesting, though- Matt is out of town for his job and the baby ferret is staying at my house until he gets back! My sisters are somewhat fascinated with him, so he has had plenty of playtime, which has tickled him absolutely pink. I've been able to stay with him most of the day, which has been nice. The only running I had to do today was to a study session for a microbiology test that I have tomorrow, so I just kept my makeup fairly minimum.

     A while back I purchased a small Stila palette from Sephora, and that's what I mainly used; on my lid is the infamous Kitten, with Eve in the crease. On my brow bone I used Hard Candy's Tiki bronzer/ highlighter. As I usually do, I just swept Too Faced's Pinch my Petals on my cheeks, and today I used The Balm's Coco my Coconuts lip gloss (I loves it!) 


  1. Mmmm..... coconut lipgloss sounds awesome! Your makeup look great! You baby ferret is too cute!

    1. Thanks! And the lip glass has the absolutely yummiest smell!
      Loki knows he's cute, and he milks it, too, haha!