Sunday, February 26, 2012

my go-to haircare is always Dove, and the new Oil Care line is no exception

     Hello, I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! Mine has been great; Matt's birthday was yesterday and I got to spend the day with him and his brother at the flea market again. I found some super cute owl bookends for $5 this time, plus a Gameboy Color for $10, so now I can give my little sister's back! 
      So, onto the review! I always have been very picky over my hair, so I won't just use any shampoo. The kind I find myself reaching for over and over again is Dove. Don't get me wrong, if I have a coupon or there's a sale, Pantene does a good job, but there is absolutely no beating Dove. I regularly use a blowdryer and a flat iron on my hair and am able to use heating implements on my hair more often without damage because the shampoos and conditioners Dove makes are so nourishing. And, not only can my hair handle more abuse with Dove products, but it takes longer to get split ends after trims. Being long, my hair is fairly heavy, so I usually opt for the Volume formula, but the last time I went s&c shopping another formula caught my eye- the Oil Care. I know there is a huge buzz about argan oil, and this formula is built with almond and mineral oils. I have oily skin and hair, so I've always been somewhat skeptical of oils actually helping me, but I decided I would give this product a shot. Luckily, I have been very impressed with the results! 

     With this formula I get the same quality I expect from Dove, plus a little extra. My hair is still shiny, soft, and healthy, but with this formula it feels even more hydrated, without being weighed down. This is a formula I would readily recommend to those with unmanageable or frizzy hair, as I notice less flyaways and random fuzzies while using this s&c. It has a feminine "clean" smell without being overpowering (my fella even commented on how nice it smelled!) The formula is thin enough to be easily spread through hair but is still substantial enough so that you don't have to use a large amount- I use less Dove than I would of Herbal Essence, for example. The shampoo is easy to lather and the conditioner is easy to work into hair, and they are easy to rinse out, too.
     In addition to having amazing products, I feel good about buying Dove products because they support a cause very dear to my heart-  confidence and self esteem for women and girls. In a world where we are all pushed to be "perfect", this company actually encourages people to find beauty in their selves the way that they are and even used funds to support this cause. One of the things that makes me the saddest is to think that a woman or girl can look in the mirror and see anything besides a beautifully unique individual and I am glad that Dove has the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts on Dove hair care! I haven't really tried much of the Dove hair care line because I have some other stuff I really like. But I agree, Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty is awesome!