Thursday, February 16, 2012

I may be coming back.... :)

     The other day I was at school, writing something or the other, and I couldn't help but think: "Man, my writing skills are getting rusty!" It's hard to believe that I haven't did anything on this blog in a whole eight months... I have missed blogging, but with college, work, homework/ studying, and my personal life, I have just had trouble getting the time and motivation to write and to edit pictures. After some personal wallowing about poor me doesn't get to blog because of yada yada blah blah, I finally did something productive and came up with a solution: write shorter posts! That way I can do more with less time and effort. Instead of doing haul- style reviews, from now on I'm only going to review an item or so at a time. Also, I think I'm going to stop rating things on a "stars" scale, and even though I like doing a "breakdown" style review, writing reviews in a more article- type style would probably be a better tool to improve my writing. So be warned, there will be changes, just not sure how drastic they will be yet. I do hope to do more posts on looks and there will probably be more that are just about life in general and not even related to beauty/ make up. This can include but probably won't be limited to: animals, books, movies, music, the adventures me and my fella go on, and more! I'm pretty excited and I hope I can keep at it this go- round :)    

 And for now, I'll just leave y'all with this picture of the two things that make me smile the most- my Matthew and our baby ferret, Loki! 

I hope y'all like seeing this little guy, because he will probably weasel his way (har har har, pun intended!) onto the blog pretty often!


  1. Yay! I hope you find time for some more blogging! Your ferret is so cute! Can't wait to see more of him!

  2. Me too, I sure do miss it!
    And thank ya :) He is getting to be spoiled little baby, though, lol!