Monday, February 20, 2012

muddy plums

     Today my college had a snow day AND since it was President's Day, my government- employed boyfriend had the day off, which was good news because it meant we got to spend some time together before I had to go to work. And what did we do? We bathed the ferret! And he was also souper sweet and fixed me chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese for lunch.
     I was in a hurry to leave my house and Matt likes the au naturel look on me as far as make up, so I decided to keep it fresh and light, with a pop of plummy purple at my eyes to make my blues really stand out.

Either the lighting in the living room is crazier than I thought or my bangs cast one wicked shadow- that one eye looks like it has a bruise under it! Totally not existent IRL, though! 

     For blush I used just a dab of Too Faced's Pinch my Petals (my favorite!) and on my lips I had a swipe of Clinique's gloss in Tenderheart. For my eyeshadow I pulled out the handy dandy Naked palette and used Buck in the crease and Naked on the main lid. I then went over Buck with Jezebel from Concrete Minerals. To highlight the inner corners and under my arches I used Tiki, a brozer/ highlighter from Hard Candy. And violola! Look complete! 

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