Sunday, February 19, 2012

one of my very favorite activites

     It's a proven fact: women love to shop, and I am no exception. It is also a proven and fairly unfortunate fact that most men hate shopping with women. Luckily for me, the Good Lord let there be flea markets! The cool thing about flea markets is that there is usually something for everyone, and looking at things is more of an adventure than just browsing through a store. On Saturdays when I don't go into work until later, sometimes I will tag along with my fella and his family to this huge flea market there is in Bristol, TN. Because my fella and his bro and me (when I have the time) are all gamers, we spend most of our time checking out the vendors selling games and consoles, and we like to check out the movies and books, too. And of course there are all sorts of random treasures set out on display. The last time we went before today I found an old comic book from the 50's called "The Son of Black Beauty." The guy's price was $15, and he had another copy, so he let me have both for the $15. That was definitely one of my favorite buys. The majority of my purchases are game- related, with most of those being of the Pokemon vein (for those of you who love Pokemon like I do, you gotta check out Shiro Cosmetics!) And today I found two very neat items- a big "Pokedex" book for the Pokemon Diamond game ($5) and Pokemon Pinball for Gameboy Color ($10.) I wasn't really looking to buy anything today, but since I'm in the middle of playing Diamond I figured the book would come in handy, and I couldn't pass up Pokemon Pinball. If you put a triple A battery in the cartridge the Gameboy shakes with the game because it has a rumble pak built in, and I couldn't pass up something that neat! I've been playing it some this evening, and it's definitely worth the $10. 

     So, are any of y'all gamers or Pokeholics? How about flea market pickers? If so, what's your favorite loot? 

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  1. Sorry, not a gamer or pokeholic :(. And I haven't been to a flea market in years! What fun that you got to go!