Thursday, December 13, 2012


     Hello, all! It's been a long time since I've posted anything on this blog- I'd been so busy that I felt a bit like a zombie sometimes. That's what happens when there's a lot of work and not enough play! But, here in the last couple of months I've been gaining a bit of free time, so I started messing around with the idea of blogging again and actually sticking with it instead of going MIA every so often (I've wimped out on this resolution a few times, but maybe this time will be different.) 
     I've had a ton of major life stuff happen since I last blogged. I finally got my Associate's Degree and transferred to Virginia Tech. Since I don't work anymore I have a little more time to do what I want to (like play Pokemon and collect Catwoman comics.) I've taken up crochet and I play Darksiders on my husband's Xbox like a madwoman. Yes, my husband's, I'm now married :) If you didn't see that coming, don't worry, I didn't either. We got married in August after deciding that we wanted our relationship to keep growing and didn't want to try to do long- distance. We had originally been planning on getting married next Spring, but having the wedding sooner didn't feel rushed. Matthew is really a fabulous husband, and I feel so blessed that he entered my life when he did. 
     I think I'll probably still do makeup posts, but I'm pretty sure that in order to keep myself on the blogging track I'm going to branch out and write about other things, too, just like a general blog.  These things will probably include crochet, cooking, ferrets (we adopted another one!), and geekery at large.  So, hopefully I'll be posting again soon, and I hope everyone has a great day! 
Everyone say "Hi!" to the newest member of the family- Odin! 

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