Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chunky & Warm Checkered Scarf

     I just love the feeling of finishing up a project. This morning I finally got around to putting the fringe on a scarf that I made around Christmas. I'm really please with how it turned out. Another plus is that it was super fast to make (it took three days and maybe five hours total, if that long) and it's probably the easiest pattern I've followed thus far, just because  you're making your stitches in the empty spaces instead of having to put them directly into a chain. It's also super warm, and I think that the colors I chose are going to be easy to wear. I used this pattern from the Fiber Flux blog for the Fiona scarf. I tweaked it just a tad- I chained 184 to make it a bit longer and because I wanted to incorporate a colored pattern, I have two more rows. Instead of adding buttons I put fringe on my scarf using the instructions here. I had  quite a bit of colored yarn left over, so I'm going to make the smaller scarf out of one of those and add buttons to it- I think the purple one featured on the blog is just adorable! 

I was able to grab him before he started playing to model for me ;) 

     The colors I used for my scarf are Fisherman, Spice, and Denim. I do recommend that you use the Thick and Quick or a similarly thick yarn- I tried using a thinner yarn and it just didn't work out well. Happy hooking! 


  1. Love your version, great job!!!

    Jennifer @ Fiber Flux

    PS So funny...guys and their video games, I guess like us and our crocheting!!

    1. Thank you!
      And he loves his games... can't say too much about it though, because I do, too!