Thursday, May 12, 2011

I hate to be an enabler, but I love sharing deals :)

     Hello hello everyone! I'm going to start sharing coupon codes and info on new promo kits with my readers, along with some general tips on how to save an endangered species... money! Let's get rolling, shall we?
  First, I'm going to list my favorite money- saving tips regarding beauty and bath type products:
-Clip those coupons! I've heard the excuse that it takes too much time, doesn't save that much money, or that it's only for old people. Bah, I say! I actually kinda enjoy clipping coupons- it's similar to looking at catalogues, except that I'm actually getting a deal, lol. I normally don't browse for coupons  online, but in my Sunday paper. Online coupons are good- my printer just needs an excercism, so it's out. Since couponing, I haven't paid the full price on a shampoo or conditioner, deodorant, or make up remover (I use Almay's), and I've gotten dozen of discounts on other items. Brands that  often include coupons in the Sunday paper are Covergirl, Loreal, Almay, Revlon, Pantene, Dove, Suave, Clean and Clear, Nutregena, and oodles more. And to answer the question of "Is it really worth it?" I probably save, on average, at least $12 a month with coupons. That adds up to almost $150 a year.  To me, that's worth it.
- This tip is in a similar vein to the last: look at the sales papers from Sunday's paper. CVS usually has several different sales on cosmetics, as well as Wallgreens, Rite Aid, and others. I also like to look at Belk's- a couple weeks ago they had a coupon for a sample sized bottle of Clinique or Estee Lauder foundation (which I clipped but didn't have the time to get. Grrr....) 
- Sign up for email notifications from companies and retail sites you're interested in buying from. Some companies even have blogs and Facebook/ Twitter accounts that they use for PR and often post cupon codes there for their followers & fans. 
- If there is a rewards program, go ahead and sign up. For example, Sephora Beauty Insiders earn points that go towards getting deluxe samples. On several sites, like Sephora, members also have access to special deals and even promo items. 
- Don't be afraid to stock- up. If there is a sale or if I have a close to expiring coupon for an item I'm going to use but haven't finished up the last of yet, I go ahead and buy it and put it in my "reserve" basket. I don't recommend doing this for items with short expiration dates unless you'll be using them very soon, however. My reserve basket usually has a set of shampoo/ conditioner in it, deodorant, face wash, and razors. Another thing I like about the basket is if I run out of something, I don't have to worry about running to the store to replace it :)  
- Before placing an order online, I always do a Google search for promo codes; eg: "Clinique promo code" or "Clinique coupon code."

     Now, onto the juicy part- the deals!
- Through May 15 Mac is offering free shiping using the promo code CUSTOM.
- Estee Lauder is offering free shipping on orders over $25 with the code MAYFAVES.
- Through May 15,entering the code SUMMER at checkout when ordering Clinique online will score you a Mini Super City Block SPF 40 & a Mini Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Grapefruit, along with free shipping.
- Sephora always includes free samples with every order, but I always get one more with a code- available right now is a trail- size of Dior lash primer with the code DIORMAX, Laura Mercier facial scrub sample with the code FACEPOLISH, and Clinique pore refining serum sample with the code SHRINK. All of these require an order of $25 or more and the for the Clinique sample you have to be a Beauty Insider.
- ZPAL10 is a coupon code for Facebook fans of Zpalette which takes 10% off of your order from Zpalette.
- Meow Cosmetics is having free shipping in honor of their Friday the 13th collection through Friday.

     If I think of any more, I'll be sure to add them, and I'll try to start doing a post like this about once a week (or whenever deals start coming up.) Hope this was helpful!


  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing with us! I'll have to try to start checking in to see what new sales are going on!

  2. Wow wee! Thank you :D I'm a sucker for discount especially if it can help me to save money and/or get more with less money :D

  3. You're quite welcome! I'm the same way. I try to plan my orders around sale dates, if I can help it :D