Sunday, May 1, 2011

pictures of baby Angelene & more!

     I know that I promised to post pictures of my new baby calf when she was born, and I feel so guilty for not doing so sooner! Marlena is a seriously protective mommy. It took three different attempts for me to actually get some decent pictures! The ones I took today were dumb luck. The first two times I tried to get pictures Marlena promptly nudged Angelene to the other side of the field and up the side of the hill (where the UTV couldn't go.) All of the others cows just stand around and look at me with goggley- eyes and a demeanor that says as-long-as-you-don't-try-to-touch-me-we're-cool, but Marlena is the exception to the rule. Today we couldn't find little Angelene, and took off after Marlena down the hill. To the left between a brier bush and a rock pile a flash of white caught my eye, and there was Angelene lying quietly! Marlena had actually hid that baby and tried to lure us away from her. When we approached Angelene, Marlena starting bawling and absolutely throwing a fit until she popped up and ran over to her side. Oh well, at least now I'm sure she's a good mommy!

Before today, this was the best pic I could get.

Here's the sneaky little baby standing up in her hiding spot!

Mommy! That lady was trying to take pictures of me again!

Mother & daughter together again <3

This little lady is my Mamaw's Bassett Hound Molly- doesn't she look sad?


  1. Awww so CUTE :) in india, we see a lot of cows, but ever since moving to france, I haven't seen even one :(

  2. Basset hounds always look sad to me.

    And to Ki, OMG, yes there are SO many cows. And also stray dogs (I was scared they were dangerous at first, but they pretty much lef everyone alone).

  3. @Ki: Thanks! I've heard there were lots of cows in India, but I never would have guessed there weren't many in France.
    @Charlotte: You're very welcome- glas you liked them :)
    @VijiiS: She's a big baby, lol. She even cries like one (but only when she isn't the center of attention!)

  4. Such a cute baby! We just got six weaner pigs this weekend. They are so adorable! Maybe I'll try to get some pics of them up! And LOVE the Bassett Hound! I've always wanted one!

  5. I absolutely love little pigs! I've begged Dad for years to let us have some, but the answer is always no! I can't wait to see pics :)
    Molly is a sweetie, but she is LOUD. Ever since my Papaw died almost two years ago, she's been my Mamaw's best buddy.

  6. Sam: I'm sure there must be MANY in farms... in India, you can see them on the road!!! :D

    Viji: Everyone in India just kinda coexists, including the people, the cows and the dogs :D