Thursday, April 28, 2011

it's a samurai, it's fourth, it's white, it's a castle- it's Shiro Cosmetics!

     Hello everyone! In this post I'll be reviewing some eye shadows I purchased from Shiro Cosmetics, a shop on Etsy. At first glance, Shiro looks like a Japanese word. Upon googling it, I discovered that as a name it means either samurai or fourth born and as a word it means white or castle. Guessing from the cute sandcastle in the shop's banner, I'm going to assume that the shop owner, Caitlin, was going for "castle!" The first thing about this shop that really pulled me in was the fact that they have a whole collection dedicated to Pokemon, the Super Effective collection. Now, I don't know about you, but I adored Pokemon as a child, and still enjoy playing some Pokemon Silver on my handy-dandy Gameboy Color from time to time. I still have a binder of over 500 trading cards that I can't bear to part with, as well as some awesome Nintendo 64 games. Back to the shop- the loose eye shadows looked so nice! Each shadow actually resembles the Pokemon it was named after, and there is a Legends collection that does the same thing for The Legend of Zelda. In addition to these shadow collections, Shiro offers a couple more shadow sets, pressed blush, and "tubes of win" called intertubes. For my order I finally settled on mostly Pokemon colors, all of which looked stunning and would be unique colors that I didn't own anything close to yet. I also nabbed Epona, because outside of the Zelda context, Epona was the Celtic goddess of horses and other equines (I love that she mentions that in the shadow's description!) So how could I pass that up?

From left to right: Epona, Sudowoodo, Poliwrath, Lance the Dragon Trainer, Clefairy, & Shaymin.

Top is without flash & bottom is with flash.
From left to right: Shaymin, Clefairy, Lance the Dragon Trainer, Poliwrath, Sudowoodo, Epona.

From left to right: Zubat, Temple of Time, & Jigglypuff.

Top is without flash & bottom is with flash.
From left to right: Temple of Time, Jigglypuff, & Zubat.

     Overall, I was super pleased with my order! The shadows are finely milled with fine glitter/ sparkle, are easy to work with, and resist creasing and fading for a looong time. They easily earn a 5/5 rating. These do come in jars with sifters, which is a nice touch for sifter fans and people concerned about making a mess. However, I'm not a sifter fan, so it made my day that these weren't too difficult to pop right out :D As if the products themselves aren't wonderful enough, Caitlin sends her orders sweetly packaged with candy (candy?!? Anyone who gives out candy to my fat- kid self is at the top of my list!) and free samples. Yes the samples are in bags, which some people don't like, but it doesn't really bug me toooo bad. I like the way Ki does it better, though- on a comment she left at Fierce Nerditude she shared that she cuts off a corner of the baggie in question and puts the sample in a jar. I tried this myself and it's a great solution, especially with these particular samples; the round label is easy to pop off and stick on a jar and it fits perfectly! I will be ordering from Shiro Cosmetics again. The intertubes seem fun and will definitely find their way into my shopping cart, and those blushes are hard to ignore!


  1. I just got the Shiro order that means I now have a mini size of EVERY color in the Legends and Super Effective collections.

    I have the blushes and intertubes, too. Love Shiro. <3

  2. THAT is awesome!
    I almost put a blush in this order, but I try to keep first- time orders around $30-ish and I decided to stick with the shadows b/c I have so darned many blushes already (my willpower will not be as strong next time, lol.)

  3. I love shiro myself! :D
    And yeah, cutting off the corner = less glitter flying everywhere and if you drop the baggie (trust me, I have), chances are that next to nothing will fall out of it!
    I love the intertubes too <3

  4. I am so envious of you! Wish my Shiro mail didn't go missing =/ Anyway, I love your swatches :D

  5. I keep seeing such great posts on Shiro. I am putting an order in soon.

  6. I haven't tried Shiro yet. Maybe when my 30 day detox is up, I'll have to place an order! Thanks for your review!

  7. @Ki: It's a great trick!
    @mNg: Thanks :) It stinks that your order got lost!
    @Larie: The eye shadows are great, plus they are so FUN!
    @The Peach: Hope you found it helpful!