Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the little lippies that were left behind

     Hi everyone; this post is just to share my pictures of the Nyx Round Lipsticks that I forgot to include in my last Nyx post. Oopsy! Today was also a great mail day- I got in my orders from MAC and Concrete Minerals. Sooo pretty! CM's eye shadows are a whopping 10 grams, and packed full of lovelyness. Also, my pictures have been taken for my Shiro Cosmetics review, so be expecting that by the end of the week-ish :)


  1. That purple looks pretty! Can't wait so see what you ordered from MAC and Concrete Minerals. Oh...and Shiro! Those are three brands I haven't tried yet!

  2. I like to wear the purple very lightly- it has a great berry- hued tint!
    My MAC order was all eyeshadows, and they were mainly neutrals. I ordered a mix of colors from CM. Shiro is great for their bright colors!

  3. It's redder IRL than in the "no flash" pic, but it is definitely an orange- based red, no doubts about it!