Friday, April 15, 2011

a great value in blush- Korres for $10 at Sephora!

     If you had asked me a year ago what my favorite blush was, I would have laughed. The only blush I had ever owned was one from Covergirl that made me break out in middle school. Since then my skin has became slightly less sensitive and I've became a little more adventurous in regards to what I put on my face. My personal preference for blush is that they be natural looking and not glittery. Subtle shimmer is okay, but glitter is just an epic fail on my oily skin. Now that I have started using blush, it has became a part of my everyday routine because if I don't use it, my face looks washed out thanks to having to use such heavy coverage to hide old acne scars. 

     My latest find is from Sephora and it's at a special value; $10 for a brand of blush that normally costs $24. I've always read rave reviews about anything that Korres makes, so I decided to give them a go. The product itself is quite lovely. The texture of this blush is very soft and smooth, and the finish is close to matte, but has a very slight amount of shimmer to it- just enough to make it glow. It can be worn sheer or be easily built up for more opaque color. The size of the pan is generous. 

The left swatch has flash and the right is without.
Mauve/ Purple is the top color and Plum Bronze/ Purple Brown is on the bottom.

     Now, for $14 cheaper than the other blushes Korres has on Sephora, I had to wonder what the reason was for the price cut. I'm guessing that it's for quality control. The packaging is sturdy, but what is on the packaging is slightly inconsistent between the two. Also, when they arrived, the pan of one of my blushes had became unglued from its compact. The compact is quite hard to open, I guess because of its modern, clean design. The colors noted on the compacts are not the ones listed on the website or on my invoice, although they seem to match the online swatches. Where I ordered "Mauve" I received "Purple" and "Plum Bronze" is "Purple Brown." 

       I plan on buying palettes to start depotting some of my blushes and eye shadows into, so the packaging isn't such an issue, but still. I guess you get what you pay for? The bottom line is that this is a very nice blush and a great way to sample the brand for a lower price, if you don't mind wonky packaging. The product would win a 5/5 star rating, but the packaging is just an epic fail in my book. Since the price is right and I needed to order a full- sized TFSI, I went ahead and ordered the other two colors. If you order from Sephora, I encourage you to sign up to be a Beauty Insider- that way you qualify for more samples once your points add up (just a heads up!)

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