Thursday, April 7, 2011

prom eye #2: pretty, pretty princess

     When I was a little girl, my sisters and I loved to play this game called "Pretty Pretty Princess." It was fairly simple, really. You spun an arrow that let you move your game peice, and if you landed a on peice of jewelry you took it from the box. The first girl to collect all of the jewelry in her color won (I remember a crown being involved, somewhere, too.) I think the reason that we loved the game so much was because every girl, no matter how much of a tomboy, loves feeling pretty. On the day of Prom, almost every girl will get prettied up in hopes of looking and feeling like a princess. When I think  of princesses, I think of sweet, girly pinks and lots of bling, so that influenced this look quite a bit. However, a princess always relies on her natural beauty, so I tried to keep the eye make up soft and not too over-the-top as far as the colors went, but I couldn't help but amp up the glitter and sparkle ;)

The pink wouldn't pop as much in the pictures as I was hoping, but at least this time it showed up as pink! This is the look I did >a week ago that photographed oddly.

Urban Decay's Snatch, Shiro Cosmetic's Cleffairy, and Fyrinnae's Polar Bear. Both Snatch and Cleffairy are more pink IRL.

This is one of the "wonky" pics. I used the exact same colors, but Cleffairy showed up purple- looking! I'm going to go out on a limb and blame it on the bad lighting in my room combined with the fact that Cleffairy does have a slight purple undertone to it.

     I hope everyone enjoyed this one! I welcome any suggestions for different looks I might try my hand at. So far, I'm planning another "royal"- themed look that isn't as girly, a tropical look, a neutral/ taupe look, and a natural beauty/ "no-make-up" look. I'm going to leaf throught some dress catalogues for inspiration for even more looks :D


  1. This is a very pretty girly look! How about a dramatic smokey look?

  2. Thanks!
    A smokey look would be a good one! I'll have to try one- nothing says "glamour" to me quite like a smokey eye :)

  3. This eye is unbelievably pretty! Amazing job!

    Fierce Nerditude

  4. Thank you! I'm not into extremely "girly" looks, but adding gold with the pink made it so much more in-my-comfort-zone :)