Wednesday, April 27, 2011

prom eye #4: inspired by tropical shores

     My Junior year the theme for prom was "An Island Escape", or something of that nature. I wound up not going because the date interfered with a 4H trip to Kentucky which was way cooler. This eye look would probably have worked for "An Island Escape", as well as any other tropical-themed prom. Instead of something inspired by the ocean or the lush vegitation, I focused on the beach itself for this look. Hope you enjoy :)

      I didn't think that I could make the pic all cutesy with placement labels (that duo kinda sorta messed that up!), so I'll just list the colors and how I used them going from right to left:
-Smashbox Eye Shadow Duo in Sinful/ Pure: I used Pure (the light shade) as a highlight and I smudged Sinful along my upper lash line because it's a nice dark lagoony- blue. Unfortunately, Sinful is pretty hard to see in the pic.
-Fyrinnae Eye Shadow in Sacred: You can't really have a beach without sand, so I put this sandy taupe all over my lid.
-Mac Eye Shadow in Bright Sunshine: This went above my inner corner and up through my inner crease. Going to the beach without sunshine isn't too fun.
-Shiro Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Shaymin: A bright sunny orange helps to add a pop of color into the outer "V" and up through the outer 1/3-ish of the crease.

     I finally got my duff in gear and uploaded pics for the next two looks, a purple flower inspired look and a green smokey eye. I also completely forgot about the Shiro Cosmetics review I've been planning, but I'll be working on it! I'm going to include pictures of the Pokemon that inspired the colors along with the pics of the actual colors, so you can judge for yourself if the interpretations are coherent (I think they are!)


  1. This is really pretty. I need a little tropical sunshine in my makeup life: the weather in NY's been UGH. (Today was better, but tonight it's raining) xP

  2. This reminds me of a sunset at the beach! :D

  3. @VijiiS! Thanks! The weather here is the same way. Last night we were under a tornado warning until early this morning.
    @Ki: That's kinda what I was going for- I'm glad I hit my mark!