Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter pics :)

     I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter! I spent mine with my family, and I thought I would just share a few pictures from today. I found out some exciting news yesterday evening- my heifer is getting ready to calf! She's pretty dialated and her udder is full, so hopefully the baby will get here by tomorrow. I checked her three different times today, but she didn't really seem in too much of a hurry :)

Me & my twin sister!

Some of the flowers that my Mamaw has growing in her yard.

One of my Mamaw's lilac bushes- they smell absolutely divine!

Some of the babies! The one around the middle with the yellow ear tag is the little one that I had been bottle feeding previously. Since finding a new mama, she couldn't have less to do with me!


  1. When the new baby arrives, will you be posting pictures?

    Sorry, baby animals always make me squeal with excitement and joy. <3

  2. Great pics! The flowers are so pretty! And I love the calves! Can't wait for your heifer to calf! Yes, you must share pics with us!

  3. I will definitely be posting pics of the new baby!
    @The Peach: Thanks! I love my Mamaw's yard in the spring-time!
    @VijiiS: I'm the same way. I love watching baby animals. I wish my camera video taped better, b/c then I could post videos of the calves playing. They're just like little kids :)

  4. I love those flowers! They are absolutely gorgeous :D Hope your Easter was fun filled.

  5. Me too!
    It definitely was, thank you! I hope that yours was lovely as well :)

  6. BTW, I just nominated you for a blog award.

    Here's the link! =]