Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Why are you putting chapstick all over yourself?"

     One of my "rewards" for paring down my Bath and Body Works stash is going to be an order from the Morbid the Merrier. So far I own three lip balms and two solid perfumes from this lovely brand, and I can't wait to buy more. To be a one-woman company, the presentation and quality of the products from the Morbid the Merrier is phenomenal. I love that my package held such sweetly wrapped little parcels. It adds such a nice extra touch; one that says "Thank you" as clearly as the included thank-you note. Make sure to visit at:

They were too cute to tear into without snapping a picture!

Harlot Lip Balm
Pros: This is the first balm I've owned that comes in an oval tube, and I like it! Because the tube isn't as fat as regualr ones, they are easier to slide into a purse or pants pocket. These are super- moisturizing; they feel very soft and supple on my lips and not waxy or greasy. The scents/ flavors are so nice! I have Sweet Cream and Honey, Honeysuckle Nectarine, and Natali (it is a perfect orange-chocolate!) Natali was an extra goody that came with my package, and possibly my fovorite balm because I can get matchy- matchy with my Natali solid perfume!
Cons: Even though the name is edgy and attention- grabbing, I do feel a little self- conscious while flashing it around in certain crowds.
Stars: 5/5
Would I buy again?: Yes! I love these little jewels!

On the top are the lip balms and the solid perfumes are on the bottom.

Solid Perfumes
Pros: These come in the same oval tubes as the lip balms, so these are also super portable; however, if you are more of a tin type of person, those are available, too. The scent is quite noticable and last a fair amount of time. The texture is similar to the lip balms', which means that they aren't waxy or runny. Natali (smells like a chocolate orange, but not in an overly sugary sort of way- there is a sultry, mysterious side to it, too!) and Dessert Absinthe (you'll have to read to shop's desciption, but it is the embodiment of the phrase "sugar and spice and everything nice"; girly, but with attitude!)
Cons: These are not for use on lips :(  You might get a few strange looks while putting these on, too- my younger sister asked me why I was putting chapstick on my pulse points, haha!
Stars: 5/5
Would I buy again?: Yes- they are perfect for touching up fragrance in the middle of a long day :)
     Hope you enjoyed the review!


  1. Too funny! The solid perfumes do look like chapstick! I'm such a fan of TMTM. Glad you like them too!

  2. She gave me the strangest look, haha! I'll hopefully get to place another order by the end of the month, and I'm really looking forward to it :D