Friday, March 25, 2011

because retail therapy is often the best kind

    Have you ever been to the mall during the day on a weekday? It's quiet and fairly peaceful, in my opinion, making it the best time to go. My friend Cynthia and I went to the mall Tuesday and it was such a fun trip. The weather was fair and we enjoyed a few hours of "retail therapy" with a yummy lunch (yay Chick Fil A!) I even got to pick up my dress that I'm wearing for my boyfriend's prom *squee*!

This is my dress!

     We both snagged a pair of cropped sweatpants from Aeropostale on sale (super comfy! I'm wearing mine now!) I've actually wore mine all day, as I've been somewhat under the weather :( My friend Brad kindly pointed out on Facebook that my symptoms sounded like hangover... and really, if I have a hang over, I would like at least ONE drink first. I'm feeling better now, after about a billion hours of sleep and having to stay home from school and work (which is pretty darn great, especially considering how affordable gas is and all!) Eh. But enough about being sick. More about the mall, now.
     We also went in Bath and Body Works. Now, anyone who knows me will probably be able to tell you that I am a BBW fiend. I love all of their stuff. My very favorite scent would most likely be Japanese Cherry Blossom, just because it is so versatile. On Tuesday I purchased a few things in their scent "Forever Sunshine"; thanks to a buy 2-get-3-free sale and a coupon Cynthia gave me, I wound up buying two full-sized products and I received two for free :) I also bought a mini body lotion for a dollar in their new scent "Country Chic." It smells lovely, and I think it fits it's name quite well! When I got home with my purchases, I had an epiphany: I have way too much BBW! So I'm on a mission to use up some of the older ones until I can buy or even use new products. I have sets (shower gel/ body lotion/ body spray) that are close to being empty (around a week or so's use is left in them) and they will be the first to be used, one at a time, until they are emptied. This week's scent  is Orange Sapphire. I really do love it, I do; I just rarely use it anymore. I bought it last year as a summer scent and used it and White Citrus interchangeably every day. However, when the weather became cool, it was shoved to the back of the cabinet, not to return until I decided to clean. For a citrus fragrance, it is very deep and sultry. I'll list the notes (copied from their website):
  • Top Notes: Succulent Blood Orange, Tarocco Orange, Sparkling Grapefruit, Sicilian Bergamot, Vibrant Mandarin, Davana, Black Currant Buds, Juicy Raspberry, Sparkling Peach
  • Middle Notes: White Jasmine Flower, Sheer Orange Blossom, Chinese Magnolia, Orchid Petals, Freesia, Muguet
  • Base Notes: Intoxicating Musk, Light Patchouli, Soft Vetiver, White Amber, Vanilla Infusion, brush stroke of Golden Honey, Cognac, Myrrh
      It makes sense that I love it so, because it contains patchouli, bergamot, amber, and musk, scents that I love dearly, but rarely are all in one fragrance. Plus, it has several others that I quite like. If you're interested in trying this fragrance out, though, you might want to move quick- I've heard rumors about it being discontinued sometime in the near future!
     So, what are your favorite scents from Bath and Body Works? Have you started any type of plan to reduce how many products you have, like my plan or a project ten plan?


  1. Sounds like a good trip to the mall! The weekday is always the best time to go. I'm not a big BBW fan for some reason. I think the only thing I tend to buy from their is the hand soap. And no "project pan" for me. I've been doing a good job using up stuff I want to get rid of and tossing stuff that has gone bad or I won't continue to use!

  2. It was :) I think I like BBW so much because I can match the scents of all my products.
    I usually toss things that are past their prime, and the ones I don't use/ like usually find their way into my younger sister's hands, lol. The BBW was just getting out of hand (I blame their frequent sales/ people that buy it as gifts) After I clear up some space, I'm going to indulge in some products from more indie brands. I already have a list of wants ;)

  3. ZOMG, Japanese Cherry Blossom is my fave too! It absolutely can do no wrong! <3

    Fierce Nerditude

  4. I always keep some of it around. When nothing else is "right", it always is!