Wednesday, March 16, 2011

and the lip stick parade keeps marching on...

     This one isn't about Loreal, I swear! It's about the Mark lip clicks, the lippies that replaced the Dew- Drenched collection. I never had any Dew- Drenched, so I can't really compare the two, but I do like these. They "click" closed via magnets, so no more worrying about painting the inside of your purse (YIKES!) That excites me, because the whole Mark line is all about portability. These lip sticks come in a smaller tube than most, but there is still the average amount of product; sort of a less-is-really-more type of thing, which I like, can you say "space-saver!?" Because the package is so small and sleek you can really slip them anywhere you need to, whether it just be your make up drawer at home, a cosmetics pouch, or even your pocket.

Sleek, cute. and oh-so-portable!

      The first color I purchased was Coral Fixation at the begining of Febuary (I'm thinking.) The color was a bright, lighter corally- pink that I thought would be great for a fresh Spring lip shade that would easily transition into Summer as well.  The next color I picked was Gem. It was a replacement for an eyeliner that wouldn't scroll upward like it was supposed to. Well, lo and behold, my Gem has turned into Tutu and I just realized it today. I really do love the color; it is a wonderful shade of plummy-pink and looks like it has nothing at all to do with a ballerina. While Tutu and Gem are the same tone, Gem leans red while Tutu leans purple. Ah, well. I still have some credit from the eyeliner mishap, so I might try for Gem again.

Coral Fixation is on left, Tutu is on right.
Without flash.

With flash.

     These lipsticks are very creamy and not at all drying. They do not last as long as the Loreal Le Rouge ones do, but they do keep their plush, soft feel until they wear off. They are not particulary glassy, which I like, and they also don't have any frost or glitter, which is a nice change. I would have to give these  4/5 stars, because I like them and my Nyx lip sticks about equally. However, with these, there are only twelve shades and with Nyx there are well over a hundred. I may buy again, but probably only when I use up the last of my credit. The only colors that really appeal to me besides the ones I already have are Gem and BabyLuv, and BabyLuv doesn't look so original that I can't find an easy replacement from Nyx at $7.50 less.  

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