Monday, March 14, 2011

love at first sight

Top row (left to right): Finnigan's Wake. Polar Bear, Equality, Knickers in a Twist, Snow Leopard
Bottome row: Jaguar, Hypercool, Forbidden Lover, Dragon's Wing, and Moon Child
Very bottom: Pixie Epoxy

     I never owned any loose eye shadows before this year. To be frank, they scared me. I was afraid that the color would be washed out, the fall out would be massive, and that I would *gasp* spill it all over everything (I can be a bit clumsy at times!) But, wanting to give them a try, I decided to go with Fyrinnae (, an indie brand I keep hearing great things about. Well, long story short, I loved the eyeshadows that I had ordered so much that I placed a second order within a week of recieving my first! These shadows are so vivid and lovely that they have became some of my favorites and I use them at least four out of seven days in the week. Fyrinnae also makes this super neat stuff called Pixie Epoxy. It's not a primer, but more of an eye shadow glue. It holds even the sparkliest, glittery-est shadows tight to your lid with out fall out. So, on to the reviewing!

Pixie Epoxy
Pros: This product grabs your eye shadow and WILL NOT LET GO. And since your eye shadow is being grabbed, it looks so much more vivid and the textures and complexities are much more noticable. I've never been into foiling, but the result that you get with this is comparable, just without the hassle. Also, a little goes a looong way, so you're not actually using much product per use.
Cons: Untill I did some research about how to apply this, I was pretty much clueless. But, on the website's listing for Pixie Epoxy it has a great tutorial video showing how to use it, which is super helpful!
Stars: 5/5
Would I buy again?: Yes- it has became a staple in my routine!

No flash.
The bottom half of each swatch is bare skin and the top half is over Pixie Epoxy.
Colors, from left to right: Finnigan's Wake. Polar Bear, Equality, Knickers in a Twist, Snow Leopard, Jaguar, Hypercool, Forbidden Lover, Dragon's Wing, and Moon Child.

With flash.

Eye Shadows
Pros: These shadows are beautiful and complex- they are unlike any that I have ever owned before. They are very pigmented so I don't have to keep piling them on my eye lids to make them show up. They come in a huge variety of shades and textures, so things will never get boring. Another exciting thing? Even the glittery ones are sophisticated enough that you don't look like you've been borrowing from a little girl's play make up set ;) Also, the fallout is minimal.
Cons: These may not be friendly for those who are extremely accident prone... spillage = not good!
Stars: 5/5
Would I buy again?: Yes. And on my next order I'll hopefully get a shadow or two from the Arcane Fire collection.
     Overall, my experience with Fyrinnae was 100% positive. The price is right, the shipping charge was fair, and my package arrived in a reasonable ammount of time in lovely condition; the email notifications are so helpful for keeping up with your order. They even give you a free sample with your order (Moonchild and Hypercool were mine- that's why they look different!) The only downside I've had was the on-again-off- again nature of their website, but seeing as they are a small company that makes all of these goodies by hand with such a very high demand, it is more than understandable. I'm looking forward to buying from Fyrinnae again and hope to include at least one blush and lip lustre in my next purchase. I'm even thinking about trying their face primer- it sounds divine!


  1. I love Fyrinnae! You must try the lip lustres next time you place an order!

  2. I definitely will be! I was going to on the last order, but they weren't available (the note said that they were going to be soon, though!)