Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the review that wasn't supposed to be

     I don't buy very much "high end" make up, mainly because of the high price, but when I found this Urban Decay shadow box on Sephora's website for $16, I couldn't say no. Okay, so I think that Urban Decay and others like it may be mid- range? I don't know. To me it's high end ;) It was originally $30 and comes with a sample size of Primer Potion and a travel sized 24/7 eye liner in Zero (aka black.) The Show Pony shadow box consists of six eye shadows, two of which are special editions and only come in this shadow box (and the Preen shadow box, which is the same exact thing, except for different artwork.) This particular palette came out in 2009 (I'm thinking) and it's easy to find swatches for it, so I figured doing a post on it would be redundant. And then I thought that people who didn't get one the first time around might want one now that they are 1/2 priced, or maybe people who already own one might want to grab another one.

Ta- duh! This is the Show Pony shadow box.

     This was my first Urban Decay purchase and I must say that I'm pretty impressed. I've always pegged the Primer Potion as being something that people just thought worked well because it was expensive, but it really is very nice. I just hate the packaging. Not to say it isn't cute, because it is- it's just highly impractical. The 24/7 liner worked well, too. I experienced minimal smudging, except for just a tad on running outward from my outer corners, but that happens with every other eyeliner in the world. And with this one it happened less, so I liked it. The shadows are all highly pigmented, but it seemed like they took more work to get onto my brush than I expected. That is prabably just me though, because I am getting awfully spoilt by the Fyrinnae loose eye shadows, heehee. Speaking of those, they should be the next things I review.

The colors from left to right are Snatch (special edition), Toasted, Smog, Mildew, Flash, and Painkiller (special edition) (eyeshadows) and Zero (liner.)
No flash.

With flash.

     As far as stars go, this gets 5/5 for having nice products at an awesome value. This is a really nice way to get to meet the products from this company if you're a stranger. I've even started to reconsider my cheapie ways and I'm thinking about splurging on a full sized Primer Potion and 24/7 liner. Not in the very near future, but maybe soon-ish. I probably wouldn't buy this for myself again (it's going to take a while to finish all of that eye shadow!) I would definitely not mind giving it as a gift.


  1. I am the same as you, don't tend to buy much high end. This collection looks awesome! Love Snatch! And I held out on buying an "expensive" primer for quite a while. I finally decided on Too Faced Shadow Insurance and was so glad I did! I went with it over UDPP mostly because of the packaging.

  2. Snatch is super pretty, but unless I use Pixie Epoxy the glitter can get somewhat out of hand.
    I have heard so many nice things about Too Faced SI that I've been considering it over the Primer Potion (I HATE that bottle, lol.) Sephora has a Too Faced kit for $20 with it in there and if they ever get it back in stock I'm going to try one out.

  3. Lovely swatches! UD does have some great colours :)

  4. Thank you! They do seem a bit random for one pallet, but they are all quite usable. Plus, variety is the spice of life ;)