Tuesday, March 15, 2011

for some one who doesn't like lip sticks, I sure have been buying alot of them lately

     Hello everyone! This post might as well just be called "a continuation of "all of my lazy bones are apparently located in my fingers."" Why? I'm just going to share some more swatches of the Loreal Unfallible Le Rouge lip sticks. I really really like these, as you can probably tell. The formula is nice, the colors are complementary, and they wear wonderfully.  

From left to right: Everlasting Plum, Charismatic Coral, and Unending Kiss.
With flash.

Without flash.

     My favorite of the bunch would probably be Unending Kiss, just because it is a great my-lips-but-better color. I can wear it with pretty much any eye or cheek make up and not have to worry about it clashing. Everlasting Plum is really more of an evening or going-out type of color, but it's not overwhelming. And finally, Charismatic Coral is a cheery corally-pink that is bright and perfect for Spring (it definitely leans pinker on the lips than it does in the swatches.) If you're interested in this great little lippie, I hope these swatches helped!

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