Tuesday, May 3, 2011

prom eye #5: (smokey) green with envy

     Prom season is in full force! The first one in this area was last Saturday, which has really made me realize that I need to get on the ball and post these last two eye looks! I really wanted to do a couple more, but between school and work (and homework!) I've had some trouble coming up with the time. Oh well, school will be over for me after my last two finals exams have been taken next Monday; of course, it's only natural that my two hardest finals would be on the same day, but a Monday? Come on! Totally sucky luck right there. Of course, I did have the option of taking my Chemistry exam early... but then again, I'd be pretty crazy to turn away a whole weekend that I could use to study. I'm going to quit rambling now and just show y'all the look already!

     Color placement is kinda hard to describe- the easiest one to pinpoint is Shiro Cosmetic's Temple of Time as my highlight and in the inner corner. The black base was Too Faced's Moon Beam and layered over top of that was Smashbox's Smashing Frame, but using the two I did quite a bit more with layering and blending. It turned out quite a bit better than I expected. The neat thing about those two shadows is that Moon Beam is a black base with green glitter/ shimmer and Smashing Frame is a matte green, which I think really helped how they layered and blended together. When I try to blend two shadows with the same finish, I often find that the colors just get muddy. Or I like I had been attacked by a five year old with a jar of craft glitter :D


  1. I love how sultry this is! :D

  2. Love this look! What a great smokey eye! You did an awesome job on this look!

  3. I'm a big fan of smoky eyes :D Always a stunner. You did a great job!