Thursday, February 17, 2011

all of my lazy bones are apparently located in my fingers

     I'm going to be upfront about this- I am a procrastinator. I've been meaning to write this review for... about a week now? I also have some more reviews that need to be wrote... the first in line is Hard Candy's Plumping Serum, then comes the goodies in my Fyrinnae order, my Tokyo Milk order, and my latest Cherry Culture order (mainly some new Nyx swatches and the Round Lip Glosses.)

Mr. Penguin's got Rambling Rose on the left, and Perpetual Peach on the right.

     But, this review is on the new Loreal Unfallible Le Rouge lip sticks. Since I'm being honest, not only am I a procrastinator, but I'm also not a huge lip stick fan. I think this has something to do with being a procrastinator... with lipstick I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to whip out a mirror or take a trip to the ladies' room to check it. And to me, there's just something kinda ball-and-chain-ish about having to give that much attention to a product after you've already put it on. Plus, a lip stick requires... nay, demands... attention to the details in application. Like Lil Mama says about her lip gloss, she just wipes the corners of her mouth and she's working it. You just casually swipe on some lip stick with that sort of care- free attitude and... well... let's just say it can get ugly fast.
     For the reasons listed above, I was pretty curious when I saw Gwen Stefani (I love her... she's probably my favorite female "celeb") strutting across my TV, telling me I needed to buy this lip stick. I mean, after all, we are worth it. And Gwen is the queen of  the red lips... so how in the world can a product she willingly promotes be bad? 
     So I went out and I bought this lip stick in Rambling Rose. Beautiful color. Wore it to school the next day. And behold, I was not left with a ring around my lips when it came time to go. I leave for school around 8:15- ish, and on Wednesdays I'm finished with my classes at 1:00. That particular day my last class had pizza and refreshments, a clever lure into a presentation about study skills (actually, it was pretty helpful.) When I planted my butt in the seat of my car after class I flipped down my visor and checked my mirror, and to my surprise, I could still tell that I was wearing lip stick. When I had checked at 11:00 the lip stick still looked fresh, but I in no way expected it to stand up against pizza. It did require a minor touch- up, but that was all. So before going home, I made sure to pick up another color, Perpetual Peach. I'm even thinking about getting Perrenial Pink as a shade for Spring. 

 No flash.
Perpetual Peach is on the left, and Rambling Rose is on the right.

With flash.

     I do have a couple of gripes about this product. The packaging looks nice and kinda high- end, but it can be a pain in the butt to open and close. What I mean is that you really have pull to pop the seal and then when you go to close it you have to listen for the small "click" to know it is really closed. My other complaint is that even though the packaging is average- sized, there is a less-than-average amount of product there.
The Loreal Le Rouge is the second to left- notice how there is less than the others?

     The bottom line is that I do like this product, and I would buy again. The product itself is great, but since the packaging is kinda suck-ish, I'm taking off half a star, so I give it a 4.5/5.


  1. Great review. And way to notice they try to gip us with the amount of product! lol

  2. Thanks! The sad thing is, that was the first thing I noticed about it! A Nyx Round lip stick has 4 grams of product, and this one only has 2.5. And considering that the Nyx is 5x cheaper than the Loreal, you would think that it would be vice- versa.

  3. Great review! I was kind of curious about this lipstick. And wow, there really isn't that much product in the tube! I'm like you, lipstick requires a lot of maintenance. I tend to stick to glosses and tinted balms. However, I do have some Morgana lipsticks on order that I'm excited about!

  4. Thanks :) It is a nice lipstick, but considering that there is such a small amount of it, I think that the price is too much- the cheapest I can find it is at Walmart for $8.49- ish. I keep hearing such tempting things about Morgana lipsticks! They're on my list of things to try.