Tuesday, February 8, 2011

maybe this is the answer to the Valentine's Day blues?

Image from the Physician's Formula website.

     Even though I'm not currently single, I do remember what it felt like to be that on Valentine's Day. That whole day I would spend with a cloud over my head; why did the rest of the world get to pair up into happy couples, but not me? Knowing what I know now, all I have to say is that anyone who is single will find someone, eventually, who will love them and cherish them just the way they are. But, as every woman knows, a little retail therapy goes a long way to help in the mean time ;)
     Enter this little pick-me-up: Physician's Formula's new Happy Booster collection, consisting of pressed powders and blushes. I was pretty excited when I heard about these, because A) how in the world can make up make someone happy? & B) they're super cute! It took forever to get my hands on one, though. Every store in the area was either sold out or had not recieved it yet for the whole week and a half I searched, except for one Wal-Mart. And I bought the last one!

My picture didn't turn out nearly as pretty as PF's... oh well.

     There are two colors available: Natural (which I purchased) and Rose. The one I bought has a nice shimmer, which, according to the website, is from multi- reflective pearls. In my opinion, it looks good. It's a nice little extra- touch, with out being over-the-top. There is a slight floral scent, which the website says is violet. It's not really noticable unless you're looking for it (or sniffing, rather ;D.) Some of PF's blushes are somewhat notorious for being hard (Magic Mosiac, anyone?), but this one is fairly managable. Nowhere near as soft as Nyx's blushes, but still not bad. The pigment is not bad either, which is good because you can stay natural or build for a more dramatic look.
     Ok, so on to the big deal. Does this really make you happy? The claim is that these products contain PF's Happy Boost Blend, which includes Euphoryl. What is Euphoryl, you ask? A "natural plant extract" that mimicks Endorphins, chemicals that our bodies produce that make us happy.  
With flash.

No flash.

This one is with flash, but blocking the main light source. The other pics make this blush look more peachy, but there is a fair amount of pink in there.

     The bottom line is that I do like this product and that I'm glad that I tried it. Overall I would rate it 4/5, but I haven't used it quite enough yet to have figured out whether or not I would re- purchase.


  1. I was thinking about picking up one of the blushes. I have one of the bronzers and love it! Love the fragrance of this product. Wish it would last longer!

  2. I'm not much for bronzer, but I'm thinking about trying one of them, if they're as nice as the blushes. I wish the smell would last longer, too- it is such a nice touch.