Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sunlight, thou art deceitful

     I'm in the process of putting up a review on some Nyx products from Cherry Culture, but I'm having some trouble deciding on a rating for one of them (*cough*eye shadow-base*cough*.) I considered just excluding it, but I didn't really want to do that... plus, I would have to retake a picture of my order, and I'm too lazy to do that. I will go ahead and say that I've been fairly impressed so far, and look forward to receiving my next order, which is "in progress." Whatever that means. I was going to wait until the end of this month to place another one, but they waved "20% off" in my face and I just couldn't resist. Plus, I was afraid that they would run out of the shade of lipstick I wanted (they had just got it back in stock.) Did you know that they give out free lip balm with their orders? I was so pleasantly surprised when I received one with my last order. And it's good lip balm. Smells like bubble gum, is made out of pretty fair ingredients, and is clear and not greasy in the least bit.
     Another order that I am SUPER PUMPED about getting is from Fyrinnae.  I ordered four eye shadows and the legendary Pixie Epoxy, which I've got high hopes for.
     Anywho. Tonight I want to shine the spotlight on something I dearly love: scarves. Being the most often- overlooked heroes of cold weather wear, they are also the ones I love most. Days like today make me happy for scarves. The sun was out in blinding force today, but the wind made it feel like there was a blizzard going on. And you know where the first place is that the wind goes?  Over the collar of your coat and down your shirt. But, ahah! If you're wearing a scarf that enteryway is blocked and still as cozy as ever. 
     Now, of course, I'm not so extremely practical as to only love scarves for their warmth. I also love the look of a scarf. A scarf that ties in well with an outfit makes me think that someone is well- put together. It can be a perfect pop of color in an otherwise neutral ensemble or a neutral to help tone done and otherwise loud getup. And there are so many different choices! Long, short, knit, silk, patterned, solid... I love choices :) You don't even want to get me started on all of the different ways you can wear them: tied, and wrapped, and draped... ok... I'll stop now :D
     And as if being the perfect accessory isn't enough, a scarf is the perfect thing to help balance your top half if you have a larger bottom half (such as I do.) Cue Sir Mix- Alot.
     My latest two acquisitions have been from Belk. Both of them are floral prints, but one is silk and one is very nice polyester. They were 25%- 50% off, and I could not resist (I think I'm seeing a pattern, lol.) Here is a pic of one of them, modeled by my very lovely kitty:
I love this one because Maria looks like a sweet little innocent babushka that has lost her way while going into town to buy bread...

The scarf shows up better in this one, which just-so-happens-to-be the one with the "get this thing off of my head" look.

     That's all I have to say today... oh, besides this one little ole last thing: What exactly is a babushka, anyways? 

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