Monday, February 7, 2011

time to Nyx having to drop a ton of cash for effective products

     Like any good  Latin student, I can tell you that Nyx wasn't just the goddess of night, she was the personification of night. She was dark, mysterious, and beautiful... the perfect inspiration for a make up line, right? Nyx cosmetics offers a large line of goodies, and one of the best parts is: there are almost as many color options as there are stars in the night sky ;) In this post I'll be reviewing some of the first products I've tried from this company and sharing some swatches, too.

 From left to right: Mega Shine Lip Gloss, Round Lip Stick, Single Eye Shadows, Candy Glitter Liner, Powder Blush (top), and Eye Shadow Base (bottom.)  

Eyeshadow Base in Natural
Pros: When I first put this on, I fell in love, pretty hard. It's easy to apply and, like usual, I just use my finger. Blending it into my skin is easy, and it's a good match for my medium skin tone. It has a very nice texture- very creamy, but it feels light once applied; it just melts into your skin. Also, there is no "sticky" factor. There is a tackyness that does a wonderful job of grabbing eye shadow and makes it easier to apply. Shadows look more pigmented with this base. It does a decent job of holding my eye shadows in place for around 8 hours. But....
Cons: For some reason this base isn't very compatible with Nyx eye shadows. With the Nyx eye shadows I only got around four hours of creaseless wear.
Stars: 3.5/5
Would I buy again?: Probably not... there's enough in the pot to last for quite a while, and I'm hoping to find something that will last a little longer and with all of my shadows.

Candy Glitter Liner in Disco Queen
Pros: The brush applicator makes it really easy to put the product where you want it and the product itself has a nice, gel- like consistency, so you don't have to worry about it running every which way.
Cons: Not a whole lot of glitter is deposited with each brush- stroke, so it does take some building to get it to be noticeable.
Stars: 3/5
Would I buy again?: I don't think I'll use it enough to have to worry about replacing it. The price point is so reasonable that I wouldn't balk at trying different colors, though.

 No flash.
With flash.
(From left to right: Powder Blush in Peach, Single Eyeshadow in Red Bean Pie, Volcano, and Vanilla Sky, Candy Glitter Liner in Disco Queen.)
Powder Blush in Peach
Pros: My first thought when using this was "Oh my Lawd, this is nice!" This blush is very easy to get on the brush, and easy to apply and blend on skin. It is also very natural- looking and is a matte, so it's very user- friendly for even unexperienced blush -users.
Cons: I only bought one :(
Stars: 5/5
Would I buy again?: Yes! I have another ordered right now.

Single Eye Shadow in Red Bean Pie, Volcano, and Vanilla Sky
Pros: These are super- pigmented, come in fifty- million beautiful colors, and the shimmer/ glitter is fine and not in the least bit chunky. These go on smoothly and vibrantly, and the colors I bought really make my blue eyes pop.
Cons: I tested these on their own and with a base/ primer, and the longest wear I could get without creasing was around four hours. I do have oily lids, but I can get longer lasting wear out of other shadows at comparable  prices.
Stars: 3.5/ 5
Would I buy again?: I went ahead and ordered Morocco, but until I find something to hold these in place better, I shall resist the temptation and not get any more.
No flash.
With flash.
(From left to right: Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige, Golden Pink, and Smokey Look, Round Lip Stick in Rosebud.)

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige, Golden Pink, and Smokey Look
Pros: For a gloss, these are fairly long- wearing. Once they do lose their glossy-ness there is a nice stain left behind. These have a plush texture and are nicely pigmented and come in both shimmers and non- shimmers. I was pretty impressed with my colors- Beige and Smokey look are not only beautiful and unique, but also utilitarian (any one should be able to wear them.) I also like the light cherry smell when I first put them on.
Cons: None that I can think of.
Stars: 5/5
Would I buy again?: More are on their way :)

Round Lip Stick in Rosebud
Pros: This lip stick goes on fairly pigmented and very smoothly. I did not experience any drying and there was no "cakey" feeling. Like the lip glosses, after the shine faded there was a nice stain left behind. At the price that I bought this, it has exceded all of my expectations.
Cons: Compared to similar lip sticks this product is not as big, but at the price I bought it for, I don't think that it is really an issue. The glitter is still pretty fine, but not quite as fine as what's in the lip glosses.
Stars: 4/5
Would I buy again?: This is another one that I'm getting more colors in :)

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