Friday, February 25, 2011

and the winner is... Walmart?

     Okay, so I must admit that Walmart is not recognized as a cosmetic mecca for most people. However, the beauty isles are some of my favorite in the whole store. There you can find Physician's Formula (my HG foundation), Hard Candy (awesome mattifying powder), Loreal (Le Rouge lip stick), and even more. But did you know about their amazing brushes?
     My very favorite brushes are from Walmart. At first I thought they were made by some no- name brand... after scouring the package, I literally could not find a brand's name... but the brand is called Paris Presents, according to the website. Maybe I just overlooked it? I have a powder brush, an angled blush/ bronzer brush, and two eye shadow brushes. I love them. So much. Let me explain. They are soft, sooo silky soft, but not wimpy in the least. The bristles are packed in tightly enough that there is enough "firmness" (I suppose that would be the word) so that there in no issue picking up product or applying it to your skin, but they are still soft enough that they do a lovely job blending. I have no clue what they are made of, I can't find that information anywhere. I might check out a package next time I'm visiting Wally World, just in case it has been updated. Mine have not shed a bit, and I've had them for months.

These are some of my favorite Wally- World finds.
*note* This isn't a "haul," I've had a few of these brushes for months. Please note the need for cleaning ;)

     My local Walmart has just started carrying Eco Tools brushes, and they are nice, too. So far I have the kabuki and an eyeshadow brush. They are quite affordable and of very nice quality, plus, there is a ton of information on the packaging (these have bamboo handles and synthetic bristles and are "cruelty free.") These do not shed either. The kabuki is not quite as big and fluffy as most others I have came across, but I like it. The handle is easy to grip (not just round and chunky) and there are two different lengths of bristles. The eyeshadow brush works well, but is fairly large. The only way that I can really use it is all over on my lids or for my highlight, because it is too big to be of much use in the crease, outer v, et c. The only other eye shadow brush available by itself is currently out of stock, so if it turns out to be alittle smaller I might just get it. There are a few extremely reasonably priced value sets and a bag (it's really more of an organizer) available as well. All of the individually- sold brushes come in trendy re- useable plastic pouches.
     A few other gems from the land of blue- clad employees  are a liquid Almay makeup remover and a brush shampoo. I use the make up remover with plain old cotton rounds because A) it is cheaper than buying the pre- soaked wipes and B) this way it will last longer. It is super- gentle on eyes, and I have experienced no irritation or discomfort. Although there is a "clean" scent, it is not overly strong. The brush shampoo is something new that I just found today. It is made by Paris Presents, like some of the brushes, and I've already used it on a few things I didn't mention in this post; it did a great job of cleaning without drying anything out and making them brittle. Maybe now that I no longer have to coax them clean with plain old bar soap I will actually have cleaner brushes more often :)

The Essence of Beauty Crease Duo.

     Now, if Walmart is the winner, there has to be a runner- up, right? So I suppose that will go to CVS, which sells a brush line called Essence of Beauty. I have the Crease Duo Brushes and they come in handy with... wait... you'll never guess... my crease and outer v. I bet you would've never guessed, right? These aren't shedders either, and they aren't a bad price. However, they are the only ones I have from that line because I already have a version of most of the brushes they offer. If it's any consolation, the coated wood handles and black metal makes a sleek- looking combination. I will probably be eyeing these on my next stop at CVS for a proper lip brush, something that I am currently without.


  1. Hey! I know this is a little late, but I have that Ecotools Kabuki Brush and those HD Brushes. I like using the Kabuki Brush as a finishing brush. I spray some water on it and use it to blend out my make up. Those HD brushes from Walmart are the best!!!! I would love to try those two eyeshadow brushes that you have from walmart too, but since they revamped the Paris Presents Collection and added the Ecotools they took out a lot of the Paris Presents Brushes. Which makes me very sad because the full collection was there for only a few months. It makes me regret that I didn't buy those brushes soon enough! So the real reason why I'm commenting on this post months late is because of the brush shampoo! I just say that online and I'd really like to try it but all the stores that carry it in my area are pretty far. Anyway great post!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Chantel! The Kabuki is my go- to finishing brush. It's wonderful for blending out harsh edges and making everything look a bit more natural. For the money, the quality of these brushes just floors me- they're wonderful :) About the shampoo- I really like it, but I think next time I'm going to try baby shampoo. I keep hearing that it works good and I'm quite curious!